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Boot Care

Pine Boot Care:

(Please read carefully prior to ordering)

Because our Pine Boots are so unique, we take pride in the fact that they are made and poured by hand! Real people work and mold each pair. This also means that there will be slight variations from pair to pair.

Because of this, from time to time faults in our boots may occur.

Generally most faults can be detected immediately and are very clear to the eye. We thoroughly overlook all of our shipments before they leave our warehouse. However, sometimes a mistake can slip our eye. We kindly ask you to contact us with any issues you may have.

Our boots my have slight markings on the bottom where our boots have sat on conveyors during production. We do not consider this to be a defect or the slight variations that are natural to to natural rubber. 

Please keep in mind we do not consider boots to be faulty after months of regular wear.

Every child is different and every pair is worn at different rates. This would be classified as general wear and tear. Excessive wear and tear will ultimately lead to damage of your Pine Boots that we can not be held accountable for. 

Boots that are worn and played with on concrete will result in scrapes and scuffs. THIS is inevitable with ANY rubber boot product. 

Concrete is a very rough surface and our boots will scuff if not taken care of properly. (ie. using boots to stop a bike, climbing concrete stairs, sitting on concrete surfaces etc,)


*Rubber has similar features and properties to leather and is a natural product, our boots are made by hand. Rubber boots have different care requirements to plastic/pvc boots


NOTE: Removing your boots by using the alternate foot to push the other boot off, may result in heel splitting or the cotton lining coming away on the inside.



We recommend treating your boots regularly with a silicone rubber conditioner. This can be purchased  on amazon here:



Use of solvents or soaking in heavy/harsh detergents can penetrate the matte silicon coating of rubber and can potentially lead to it pealing and flaking off and may compromise the glue that holds the boots together on the outside and inner lining, especially in lighter colored boots.




We will refund or replace Pine Boots where defective workmanship is causing leakage in waterproof products.

If you received your boots in new condition then as per most shoe retailers we are not able to refund boots once worn.

Our boots generally hold up really well and have been worn outside and enjoyed by lots children around the world!


However when purchasing Urban Pines Boots please note WE, nor our APPROVED RETAILERS, cannot be held responsible for :


Fit related problems.


Lack of Maintenance.


Incidental damage, such as holes, rips and seam wear, after worn which are not as a consequence of our manufacturing.



Normal wear and tear for Pine Boots:


It is in the very nature of All shoes that they will end up "WORN OUT".

We cannot guarantee that your boots will “last a whole season” let alone a lifetime. Shoes are not meant to be passed on for generations. They are designed to be worn, played in and overall well loved! The memories created in them will reflect how they look. A child that regularly wears them to play outside, ride their bike, in mud puddles, on the farm, etc. may result in scrapes and scuffs and sometimes even holes! THIS IS NORMAL. The Duration of their lifespan ultimately depends on the child.


We hope that our boots will become a staple in your child’s wardrobe and will bring as much joy to you as they have to us!

Well loved boots, is a good thing. It means your child played, made memories and overall loved wearing them!










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